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& Welfare



Italia Conti prides itself on the supportive and caring ‘family’ atmosphere we offer our students. This is made possible by the relatively small number of students on site, combined with high student / tutor contact hours. Students have access to continual pastoral care and receive regular individual tutorials with assigned course tutors. The welfare officer / designated safeguarding lead is always available on site. All members of staff conduct classes in a supportive and mutually respectful manner. Italia Conti's 'open door’ policy allows students to fully communicate with their peers and staff and they are encouraged to express and discuss any difficulties they may be experiencing.


In addition to support from the Italia Conti staff, a head girl and head boy is selected from the third year, along with student representatives. Each student rep is assigned to a year group, allowing students from lower year groups to report any problems to their year group representative. Head girls / boys and year group reps are also on hand for students who may just want to have a chat or voice any concerns to someone in a similar situation who is not within their year group or close friendship group. Head girls / boys and student reps play an important role and offer additional help and support where needed.


Support is a priority for our students and is provided through a multifaceted approach. We have a dedicated Additional Learning Support team, who work closely with our welfare team, personal tutors, and our teaching staff. Support is personalised to meet the needs of our students, including where appropriate, differentiated teaching strategies and reasonable adjustments. 


The learning support team meet with students to provide targeted support such as: organisation, time management, understanding assignment briefs and criteria, structuring work and learning strategies. Being a fully inclusive organisation means ALL our students benefit from our anticipatory adjustments as we adopt the Social Model of Disability. 


 We monitor all our students regularly to make sure we are proactive concerning their care, support and progress. We welcome students and prospective students to come and discuss with us their needs and disabilities any time. Please note, Italia Conti do not fund any diagnostic assessment of need. 


If you have any concerns about access to learning or want to know more about our person-centred approach, please contact:


If you are applying for one of our degree courses, you may be entitled to extra funding in order to support your learning. 

If you are entitled to a student loan through Student Finance, you can apply for a DSA (Disabled student allowance) through submitting evidence of your disability (this includes a range of needs, from dyslexia to anxiety). They will be able to complete a needs assessment that would determine if you would be entitle to financial support.



Many on-site staff are first aid trained and able to attend to any minor ailments and a student welfare officer / designated safeguard lead is usually on duty. The welfare officer also acts as an important confidant to students with personal or medical problems and will arrange counselling, specialist or medical appointments as required. The welfare officer has contacts with a number of local practitioners should any students require these additional services and regular remedial 'in house' physiotherapy clinics are held at our Barbican campus. All emergencies are referred to hospital and the welfare officer has access to students self declared medical information and emergency contacts. Due to the nature of the course, students are advised to arrange private medical insurance by the commencement of their course. We recommend that all students register with a doctor if living away from home. 


Full lunches, snacks and light refreshments are available from the canteen at our Barbican campus. Students at our Avondale and Guildford campus' have access to a 'Green Room', with facilities for students to prepare food, eat and relax during breaks.



All students attending full-time and short courses are required to wear suitable vocational clothing, shoes and should have appropriate equipment. Full details of uniform and equipment will be given upon acceptance, much of which can be obtained from our online shop.


Italia Conti cannot accept responsibility for personal property of any kind belonging to students that may be lost on any of its premises. Students are advised to take out an insurance policy for personal property.

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